Lets Take a Creative Journey

I just have a passion to teach people about photography- how to be a visual storyteller and share how to create a visually exciting images from the things you see – whether they are world renown landmarks or private moments in your backyard. Or perhaps a spectacular gala event or a moment alone where the light caught your eye in a cool design on your own coffee table. It doesn’t matter- where or how, obvious or not, important or insignificant…we all see art and design. Many of us also have a desire to capture it, to relish it, to publish it or just relive the moment and appreciate the fleeting beauty once again!

I’m one of those people. I see art and design everywhere. I get excited when I see light streaming thru –anything! I am psychotic about shadows. A pure texture junkie. I dream in crazy colors and just want to smear my images into artistic paintings with virtual brushes. I call myself a “photo-maniac” because I love to experience life through the lens of my camera. My preferred view is through a lens and viewfinder. [Oh yeah… like a 7mm wide in infrared!!] …. that gets me going! I wish I could just strap my infrared to my head and see the world that way all the time! LOL

I dont even know where it came from, but it’s been my passion since Christmas,1982. That will make 35 years this December. It’s what I do, what I love, what I’m passionate about, never tire of and delight to teach. So that is my goal here: To teach you what I know, to instill a true love for photography, whet the appetite of your creativity and teach you some new skills to make it fun. It’s a creative discovery and a never-ending journey of seeing with new eyes. There’s no ceiling to the creativity or the perspective possibilities! And Art is in the eye of the beholder. You can see and create your art any way you want. Freedom is an element in the journey because there are few hard rules; you are free to express your vision any way you wish.

So lets explore photography together! We will begin with a camera on Auto. An iPhone or smartphone will even do fine. Or you can use a high-end DSLR. I personally use a LUMIX Mirrorless camera and occasionally my iPhone. I use Adobe Products like Photoshop, Lightroom, mobile apps and some cool creative tools. Lets explore this together, one day at a time. Help me on this journey and please send me any requests or ideas you want to explore! I’d love your input @suzette@suzetteallen.com

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