You Get to Choose


I love experiencing the world through the lens of my camera. It gives me a varied and exciting perspective, a higher purpose, an enhanced memory and lovely images to enjoy forever. It helps me see beauty and celebrate it and share it too! Photography is the number one aid to the memory when life goes too fast! Think about your wedding day…. how much would you have remembered without your photographs? It’s all a blur!


I think there is a place for photography in every day. I have no problem shooting selfies and sunsets or documenting prices or passwords with my iphone. I even get creative and do artsy stuff when I travel to entertain myself. I also love to pull out my Lumix mirrorless camera any time I want to take something beautiful and artistic—or just have control over the exposure and be able to shoot video! There’s a place for Program Mode or Intelligent Auto (Program on steroids for the Lumix) and there’s a place for full Manual mode. I get to choose which one and when! There’s no judgment if I use intelligent Auto- I do it regularly when I’m on the run or enjoying vacation! But It’s good to be comfortable enough with Manual to pop over to M in a second to get that perfect [specific] exposure when needed.

This image had to be in manual because the bright backlit sky made the auto exposure too dark. Classic example of when to go Manual.

The thing is, even when the camera makes all the decisions for you (like in iA on the Lumix)  the one thing that it does NOT do, is choose what to shoot. It doesn’t decide what to point the lens at. Or what zoom to use on the lens or how to frame it. So even though cameras are super smart these days, there’s no guarantee that your images will be any more compelling or communicate with more impact. You might consistently get better exposures, but YOU get to Choose, Compose and Communicate. We use subject matter, composition and framing, and the decisive moment for capturing emotion or action to communicate our visual ideas, and those are the primary elements of good photographs.

The old adage is true—it’s not the camera, it is the 12 inches behind it that really matters.

Not only do we get to choose what and how e photograph, we also get to choose how much control and conscious effort we want to put into our images. Allow yourself the freedom to choose to do it purely for the love of Photography.

“What if they only measure of success was Joy?”


Think about what you like to photograph today.

What kind of subjects or scenes make you want to take a photo?

Give yourself a fun assignment and go shoot something you love, purely for the joy of it!

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