Which Lumix Camera?

*Comparing Lumix FZ1000/FZ2500, G85/GX85, ZS100/LX10 models

Well, the GH5 was released this week and I finally have one and I’m super excited, (my dream camera!) BUT I have used a lot of different Lumix camera models over the past couple years, waiting for it… and I have lots of people asking me “Which one should I get?” “What is the difference?” “I want to try out a Mirrorless for my vacation coming up and I need a lightweight pocket camera!”

Well here is a video comparing 6 different models and why you would pick each one. Then I made three other shorter ones comparing each of the three styles in detail. Im thinking this will be a real help in knowing what to get!

Let me clarify first, of course, that the GH5 is the flagship top of the line camera and is rocking our world and definitely the #1 choice for professionals or enthusiasts, but it starts at $2000 for the body and requires lenses. Lots of photographers want to ease in a little slower and let themselves fall in love with mirrorless before they jump in with both feet and their pocketbook! And many just want to have a smaller, lighter travel camera that will give them the quality of their DSLR without all the weight!! I totally get that!


So here is a great guide for which camera to start with and why… which I’m confident that it will be not only a fun journey but one that will probably not end, as you learn to love and trust LUMIX cameras!


There are three more videos if you want to jump in and see them all now, but we will be posting them along the way.

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#SuzetteSays: Just start the journey with mirrorless and you will not only love the freedom and lighter load, but the great tools and features we have never enjoyed before with our DSLRs! #mirrorlessismore #creativitymadeeasier #sayyestophotofun #lumixlounge #compareanddecide

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