Vacation Camera List! Hawaii report

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We just returned from a 10-day vacation in Hawaii that was simply wonderful! First real vacation in over 5 years, probably, and yes, we took lots of pictures! We love photography! It’s not just our jobs. And we love our Lumix cameras (so small and light and flexible!) and we are super blessed to be Lumix Luminaries and get to use a lot of different models! We actually borrowed two LX10s for the trip and we are SO glad we did! Here is a video about what equipment we brought and what we actually used and did not use, along with some images and even a personal appearance by Jonny! Overall, we brought 7 cameras between us not counting our phones, so we were well equipped. and we used them ALL! You’ll have to watch the video to hear what we did not use….

Enjoy and feel free to email us or message us if you need advice on what cameras are best to take on your excursions! Or watch for our three comparison videos coming soon! (fz1000 vs fz2500. zs100 vs lx10, & g85 vs gx85)

#suzettesays: You should capture the journey with whatever camera you have handy, but if you bring extras, you can capture it more creatively and have more fun doing it!

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