This month I found and obtained the TWO TOOLS that I believe are going to launch me into the next season of my creative journey:

The Lumix GH5 and Interfit LEDGO lights.

Last week’s blog was all about the GH5 and I used up all my words, so this is part 2, and I’m continuing on about the other vital tool that I have found. The Interfit LEDGO lights!

In my studio, I have a full set of Larson light modifiers and Sweet Light Systems continuous lights. They are beautiful, and give me adequate light and utilize the monster softboxes I have used for decades and stay true to my style. It is an excellent system that I am super happy with. HOWEVER, it’s not very portable. The big CFL bulbs are bright and color-correct, BUT impractical to travel with.

So, I have been looking for a portable system for a while. One that is flexible, small, portable, battery powered or AC and affordable. [We want it ALL, right?]


I had been looking at the Westcott Flex lights for a while, but not thrilled with the power cords or the price. We tried Fiilex lights too- compact and portable but not battery powered and not bright enough. The Dracast was our favorite so far, with a powerful battery for beach shoots but not really ideal for everything and a bit heavy to travel with. Until we found the LEDGO lights by Interfit! Actually, they found me! Well, Nick Coury, from Dury’s Camera snagged me and showed them to me at the PhotoProExpo in Kentucky and the rest is history.


Finally! It’s a set of lights that are tough little LED’s mounted on flexible mats. They velcro inside panels that collapse and store in handy padded suitcases and sport a translucent elastic cover. Beautiful and streamlined flat panels. Incredibly bright, with a high CRI [color rendering index] AND…..yep, they do A/C OR battery power!

Can this be true? ALL my wish list items included? Needless to say, I immediately ordered a set and went right to work, putting them to the test.


First shoot: Set up in the family living room in Florida, to photograph three musical artists/performers who needed updated headshots. We seriously transformed their living room into a beautiful studio set and got some amazing shots with a pre-production GH5.

Second shoot: At SYNC in the shooting bays! Lots of curiosity about these slim and super bright panels. The room was filled with lots of Sweetlights and Larson modifiers and reflectors… and this set too. What a great combo!

Now, I have them ALL In my studio and can make pretty much any kind of lighting look I want without taking up a lot of space! One of the things I love is the look of the Eyelighter by Larry Peters. Not exactly portable, but gorgeous in the studio. I’ve had one for years. But now I can use one of the small panels in a low position in low light to get that beautiful look in the eyes! On location! Oh, and the color temp controls allows me to make a warm hair light…yeah!!

So yeah, I know this super portable light system will be the one to take wherever I go and support my mobile and travel-friendly lifestyle. I’m still in the [ongoing] process of reinventing myself and refining my style, but I’m well on my way with the pro tools of the trade that position me near the top, poised for success!


For more information:

Lumix GH5:,

LEDGO lights by Interfit: Dury’s Camera, Nick Coury


#SuzetteSays: You can make art with any tool, but getting the right tools definitely makes it easier and frees you up to be more creative and inspired.

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