This month I found and obtained the TWO TOOLS that I believe are going to launch me into the next season of my creative journey:

The Lumix GH5 (PART 1) and Interfit LEDGO lights (PART 2).

I’ve been using Lumix cameras for over 5 years now and I am thoroughly in love with the quality, features, capability and size/price. Of course we want it ALL—we want more and more from our cameras and the coolest thing is that we GOT everything we have been asking for from the Top Lumix GH line. Sure, it took a bit longer than anticipated, but it was “only to make the article that much more luxurious,” right? I know that is just a saying but in this case- it was true. I’ll admit I wished the GH4 would focus faster and be a bit sharper at times. And we ALL wanted full sensor 4K and double card slot. We got them all, plus more.

This weekend I took my brand new GH5 to Lake Tahoe for a three-day fun trip to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We got to shoot the sunset three times and go biking and cruising the lake. One of the big requests has been low light capability so of course we put it to the test. I am VERY pleased with what I got way after dark!


Here’s the surprising thing, though. The image stabilization was good already but this is ridiculous! I’m typically a tripod shooter because I do so much video and composition, but when you are hiking and on the move, you really don’t want to carry one. So, I didn’t. After we watched the sun set over the water and photographed the lights coming up in the marketplace, we walked over to the Artemis Café for dinner. As we approached the building, I photographed the lights and patio tables and signage. A lovely little patio with Edison lights. SO yeah, 1/20th hand held zoomed out to 60mm is good, so I made it slower. 1/15th. 1/10th…Still sharp OK, lets go 1/6th. STILL sharp. And keep in mind I’m standing in the driveway on my own two feet without anything to lean on or steady myself.



Jon says, “You know what you have to do –go lower until it blurs!” I was already blown away that I could hand hold it at 1/8th, but I took it to ¼, ½, STILL SHARP! This is ridiculous, I thought, as I turned it to one full second. Finally, in 3 shots, none were really tack sharp. I COULD have tried harder and probably got something usable in a pinch, but really? This is so far beyond my expectation already. So, I’m thinking FREEDOM! Maybe I can skip the tripod a lot more! And shoot in lower light with higher ISO’s! I am so excited I just want to book a flight to Italy right now so I can wander the streets at night and capture the evening romance and flavor….without a tripod!!


So aside from the amazing low light capability and Mind-Blowing image Stabilization, I’m finding that it is SO beautifully sharp! I also photographed a sweet young lady in my studio o test out the camera AND my new Portable Interfit LEDGO light setup. Before we get into the lights, I just want to say the GH5 is beautifully sharp and has lovely skin tones right out of camera. Check out these images of Cassie! I used face detection auto focus and it nails the eye- even letting you know which one it is giving priority to. Most of these are either with the new 12-60mm lens at wide open (f2.8-4) or with the Nocticron, 42.5mm f1.2, mostly shot at f2.0. Simply Beautiful.



So…. In my rambling and raving about the GH5, I’m thinking this blog is long enough already! I think I need to break this into two parts. SO—Tune in to next blog to hear about the LEDGO light system!

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