Shadow Play #YOU

One of the crazy things I do is photograph my shadow. Of course I cant be in my own pictures unless I set up a tripod and go thru a certain amount of hassle… but I can quickly snap a shot of my own shadow where I am, at any point. I love a wide angle perspective, anyway, and I find myself using a 7-14mm wide lens a lot when I travel, so that works perfectly, but actually my iphone is always handy and is pretty wide-so that is a great tool, always in my pocket when I see that story jump out in front of me saying “here you are, and you are in the light”.

But why photograph myself? Well, I’m always available and present, for one. [And I want to be seen in a good light! LOL]!

  Seriously, I want to revel in the good times and remember the good moments. Much of our lives are spent going through the years and the seasons unconsciously, trying to keep up, or do the work at hand, or take care of others, and we can feel lost, or like we don’t matter that much. But that is a LIE. We matter. And we cast a shadow- we make a difference. We may have a small shadow or a giant shadow, but nonetheless, we impact the world around us. And We Matter. We deserve consideration and appreciation. AND we need to relish the good times and remember the good.  It’s a good practice to make notes to self to “remember this moment” because it is your journey. And Your Journey Matters. My Journey Matters. God put me here on earth for a purpose and He cares about my journey. Even if it is a rugged one, it’s still My Story. I want to own it. 

Own your story, and be conscious of YOU being the star of Your Story. You’re the only one who can play that part.  And you play it so well! Ever feel like you don’t measure up?

We all have that negative habit that says we are not enough…BUT, the truth is, you are perfectly created to be YOU and you are totally qualified to BE the BEST YOU there ever was. It’s a simple truth. YOU are a perfect YOU. And God created you exactly the way you are on purpose! You are his best idea and design for the unique and amazing You! So remember to value yourself, remember the good times and whenever you can, be in the light!

#SuzetteSays: Take a moment now to look at yourself and count 5 things that are pretty cool about you.

All photographs taken with a Lumix camera (except one iPhone pic).

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