#2 Auto Review

So, if you just took a picture and you just want to confirm that you ‘got’ the shot, or you didn’t get a blink, you can turn on the Auto Review feature to pop up the image you just took … Continued

#1 Constant Preview

I love the WYSIWYG [what-you-see-is-what-you-get] feature of a mirrorless camera! I often shoot in manual mode where I can control my exposure, and it is so helpful to literally SEE what your exposure is going to look like- and adjust … Continued

25 reasons why your next camera should be a Lumix Mirrorless!

By Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary and Hybrid Pioneer A note for the skeptics: yes, this is for you. Still shooters and Videographers alike. Of the 25 favorite features, 22 apply to “stills only” shooters, 20 apply to “just video” shooters, … Continued

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