#3 Touch Screen

In this world of interactivity, Panasonic has made our cameras even more intuitive and easy to control with Touch screens! No longer do you need to click rockers and buttons all over the back to get to the menus or … Continued

#2 Auto Review

So, if you just took a picture and you just want to confirm that you ‘got’ the shot, or you didn’t get a blink, you can turn on the Auto Review feature to pop up the image you just took … Continued

#1 Constant Preview

I love the WYSIWYG [what-you-see-is-what-you-get] feature of a mirrorless camera! I often shoot in manual mode where I can control my exposure, and it is so helpful to literally SEE what your exposure is going to look like- and adjust … Continued

25 reasons why your next camera should be a Lumix Mirrorless!

By Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary and Hybrid Pioneer A note for the skeptics: yes, this is for you. Still shooters and Videographers alike. Of the 25 favorite features, 22 apply to “stills only” shooters, 20 apply to “just video” shooters, … Continued

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