#8 Video Function is Seamless (like stills)

Many of you do not yet shoot videos, so  you might feel like this doesn’t apply to you, but in my mind’s eye, I see the future of photography branching out and including videos. I honestly believe the modern photographer … Continued

#7 Weather Sealed

It might not seem like much, but sometimes, being weather-flexible is the key to some terrific images.  I have photographed soccer games in the pouring rain for an hour in Texas with no problems. It was the only day and … Continued

#6 Silent Mode

Sometimes you just want to shoot and not let people know – or just not intimidate people with the camera or interrupt the intimate or solemn moments. Silent Mode is perfect for that! You can silently capture and enjoy the … Continued

#5 iA = intelligent AUTO

iA~INTELLIGENT AUTO: It’s ridiculous how smart these cameras are. Pretty much smarter than you and I put together. We’ve had “P” mode for a while, where we set the ISO and the focus modes and let the camera make all … Continued

#4 Face Detection Auto Focus

..oh, and FOLLOW FOCUS TOO: As a portrait photography (primarily) I rely on being able to focus on the face, and hopefully I am able to hit the eyes with my focus node….But sometimes we miss it when people are … Continued

#3 Touch Screen

In this world of interactivity, Panasonic has made our cameras even more intuitive and easy to control with Touch screens! No longer do you need to click rockers and buttons all over the back to get to the menus or … Continued

#2 Auto Review

So, if you just took a picture and you just want to confirm that you ‘got’ the shot, or you didn’t get a blink, you can turn on the Auto Review feature to pop up the image you just took … Continued

#1 Constant Preview

I love the WYSIWYG [what-you-see-is-what-you-get] feature of a mirrorless camera! I often shoot in manual mode where I can control my exposure, and it is so helpful to literally SEE what your exposure is going to look like- and adjust … Continued

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