I bought an Olympus OM1-N in December, 1982 when I was 18! An all-manual camera. I knew NOTHING about photography, but bought it for my husband for Christmas. Thinking ahead, I figured I better learn how to use it before … Continued


Such a simple message that could literally change your life! I was recently at Imaging USA, which is the national convention for the Professional Photographer of America. It was held in San Antonio, Texas and lasted about 3 days. The … Continued

Looking for locations.

Recently we photographed a family near a bike trail, so we went for a beautiful hike in the pretty green winter grass to find out location. (I love CA winters!) We found this ideal location so here’s a quick video … Continued

In Beautiful Light

  I love photography. It’s the vehicle through which I experience life! Yes, I can enjoy everything without my camera but with or through it is so much better! I get to capture the memories that slip away so quickly- … Continued

Feature Product: Metal Ornaments!

Metal Ornaments, a Bay Photo Product It’s a fabulous gift for clients to give –and you, too! What do we do every year when its time to decorate the Christmas tree? Whether it is a real tree or an artificial, small … Continued

Feature Product: Yearly Planner!

End of the Year Idea and Bonus for your Best Clients! Its nearing the end of the year and the busy family portrait season—not to mention, gift giving season! Here is one of the most clever portrait products I’ve seen … Continued

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