Make Time for Creativity [daily]

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I recently wrote an article for Texas Magazine about a new class I’m teaching this spring at Texas School, and one of the big discoveries I’ve made in my journey is the topic of creativity intervals.

We so often want to knock out a project or a new idea or direction in a weekend… or paint up a storm for a week and then not go there for months in between. But the everyday interval is a powerful tool. The things we do everyday make the most difference in our lives and impact who we are and what we think. It is actually better for you to do a short [unfinished] project on a daily basis and take months to complete it than for you to let everything slide for a week and be obsessed until it is done!
Now, I realize there is a time for crazy projects and deadlines and there’s nothing like a deadline to put a fire under your hiney…. BUT as a general rule, we need to be making time for creativity everyday. Even if it is a small expression or effort some days and it feels like it takes forever. One of the big benefits is starting too. Many of us choose to NOT start projects because we don’t have enough time to finish. So think about the things you really want to do but never feel like you have the time…. and make time today to just begin! #OnlyEngage #littlebylittle #seedsbecometrees #creativelife #suzettesays #createtoday


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