In Beautiful Light


I love photography. It’s the vehicle through which I experience life! Yes, I can enjoy everything without my camera but with or through it is so much better! I get to capture the memories that slip away so quickly- I get to see things in beautiful light (and remember how they looked). I get to focus on the BEST part- the Beautiful parts and learn to see thing with the #beautiful lens. With rose tinted glasses, in beautiful light.   #rosetintedglasses #inbeautifullight

Oh yes, everything changes when it is seen in beautiful light. Even a drab alley or trashcan or ugly mess can be attractive or even lovely when seen in beautiful light. We just need to SEE things that way. In photography, you can go out at the right time of day for the light, look for the light, recognize when you see it or create it!

It’s a wonderful practice to look for beautiful light. It a wonderful habit, actually, to perceive the world and see everything around you #inbeautifullight. Training your eye to recognize it is one of the most valuable things you can do. That alone will transform your photography and jumpstart your creativity, but it will also change your life. If you decide to see everything in a beautiful light, it is better. It is full of hope, encouragement, possibilities, potential…. Everything literally IS better #inbeautifullight, or #inthepresenceoflight.

So decide today, to #lookforthelight, #lookintothelight, #findthelight, #seethelight, #reflectthelight, and #bringthelight….  Do whatever it takes to see the world #inbeautifullight.  [and then capture it in photography, so you can share it, remember it, and relish it!]

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A gallery of images #inbeautifullight: BeautifulLight

SuzetteSays: the light is most beautiful when its either in front of you (shining toward you), or alongside you (across your path), but rarely when it’s behind you. So, don’t turn your back on the light…. go toward it!

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  1. If Suzette says it, I believe it! Beautiful light

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