Feature Product: Xpozer Wall Displays

Xpozer Prints by Bay Photo

One of the most innovative Image solutions I’ve seen in a long time is the new product introduced by Bay Photo called Xpozer Prints. It is a fabulous solution to show off your imagery for shows, galleries and exhibits for short or long term display. The images are printed on a vivid satin material which is light, flexible and rich with saturated colors. Small corner mounts are bonded to the back of the print that connect to a clever bracket on the back that is spring loaded. It firmly pulls the image tight for a perfectly smooth surface and weighs nearly nothing. Brackets attach easily for hanging on the walls or connectors for displays or stands, and break down to slim segments that fit neatly in the custom designed shipping box for damage-proof shipping! (they thought of everything!)

Here are some 6’ tall displays in Orlando at the Photoshop World trade show, (images above) and a Senior Studio in California that used them for the wall displays showing senior portraits. (images below) The nice thing is that you can order replacement prints to change out your displays inexpensively and regularly! I use mine to travel and show my images when I speak, and am in the process of designing a new exhibit for my Live Portrait Interactive Art! (light stand bracket hardware not yet included….coming soon!)

Xpozer prints make it possible to show your images in a fresh and dynamic way, with easy assembly and hanging —a great solution for many display and marketing scenarios!


Learn more at Bay Photo! https://www.bayphoto.com/wall-displays/xpozer/

video about Xpozer: https://www.facebook.com/BayPhotoLab/videos/10158462279960595/

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