PhotoWalk Highlights: Mike’s Camera Sacramento, CA

Crowds like I’ve never seen, but glorious light….surrounded by 8 passionate photographers, eager to #SeeWithNewEyes and learn how to use their new Lumix Cameras! The Photowalk in Downtown Sacramento was really fun! We had no idea that K Street Mall, … Continued

Cropping and Composition

Balance is key- In life, in time management, in business and, yes, especially in photography! When we tell stories, we want our images to look pleasing and convey our message without distractions. We want to get to the point, or … Continued

You Get to Choose

YOU GET TO CHOOSE: I love experiencing the world through the lens of my camera. It gives me a varied and exciting perspective, a higher purpose, an enhanced memory and lovely images to enjoy forever. It helps me see beauty … Continued

Looking for locations.

Recently we photographed a family near a bike trail, so we went for a beautiful hike in the pretty green winter grass to find out location. (I love CA winters!) We found this ideal location so here’s a quick video … Continued

Fun Lenses

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One of my favorite lenses is the Lumix 7-14mm Rectilinear fisheye zoom. Even for portrait sessions, when you would not usually use a fisheye, it often makes a dynamic image with a cool perspective. I also love to show the … Continued