Which Lumix Camera?

*Comparing Lumix FZ1000/FZ2500, G85/GX85, ZS100/LX10 models Well, the GH5 was released this week and I finally have one and I’m super excited, (my dream camera!) BUT I have used a lot of different Lumix camera models over the past couple years, … Continued

You Create Videos with Photoshop? Why Not Premier?

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Why do you make videos with Photoshop Creative Cloud? Isn’t Final Cut or Premier better? Many photographers assume that I edit my videos in Premier or Final Cut Pro, because that is the typical program to do so. And they … Continued

Hybrid Photography definition:

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Hybrid Photography: [aka Moving Portrait, Live Portrait, Living Portrait, Reel Story, eCardPro, Instavid, Cinemagraph, Flixel, Plotagraph, etc.] Hybrid Photography is a creative combination of Still Photos, Videos and Sound. Typically, it is a short video file (.mp4) that is under … Continued